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KYK Co., LTD has been working on the alkaline water for 37 years in South Korea. Researchers in the company are specialists in water and air. The company has received various awards and accolades from the government and non-governmental organization as well in the world. Main products of the company are the alkaline water ionizers and Forphyton that supplies phytoncide and purifies air indoor. For 37 years with the study and research on nature science, the company has developed as a No.1 brand in the alkaline water ionizer market that has been rapidly growing in the Korean and overseas markets.   


The company has produced the best and the most outstanding products in South Korea with plenty evidences of awards and certificates from various national and international conventions. There are 2 gold medals at Germany international invention convention, 1 gold medal at the Geneva invention convention, and KOTRA Seal of Excellence in South Korea that the company has received.  


With the Research & Development center of the company where is equipped with, manufacturing facility, national sales network and repair center, KYK Co., LTD works really hard and professionally to make customers satisfied with the products.

All KYK members have been devoted to fulfill customers’ satisfaction based on the company philosophy that is to pursue the happiness and healthiness of mankind by providing the good quality product and customer service. 






Detailed Company Information

  • Company NameKYK
  • Business TypeManufacturer
  • Year Established2004
  • LocationSouth Korea
  • Main MarketsSouth Korea,Malaysia,Russia,Singapore,U.S.A
  • Total Employees 51-100 People
  • Homepage
  • PresidentKim Young Kwi
  • Phone+82-2-6000-0333
  • FAX+82-2-6000-3070
  • Address#407-410, Seon-il technopia, 440, Sangdaewon-dong, Joongwon-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea
  • Product Category Consumer Electronics
    Environment > Water Treatment
    Home Appliances > Water Dispenser
    Home Appliances > Water Softener and Purifier

Additional Introduction





"to preserve a long healthy life, 
to prevent diseases and to improve wellness with happiness."


We believe that it is the most valuable and greatest work to do for humans in the world. Under this belief, we produce the best products and services. Our intention is to provide the right harmony between nature and human health, happiness, and wellness life, based on the expertise in technology and nature science. This is the KYK's mission to accomplish. 


Core Value

1. We devote our capabilities to the customers' health and happiness with creating the best products and services.

2. We run the business with a respect for people regardless of age, gender, educational background, regionalism, nationality, or race. Also following laws and the right uses with nature is what we do.

3. We aim the best achievements. From the attainment, we believe to be evaluated capabilities and potentials.

4. To have the long healthful life, we keep our bodies clean and healthy with the fine sprits without nicotine, alcohol or anything bad that threatens human cells.

5. We achieve our goal with passion, optimism and creativity, to enjoy our happiness, to reach self-realization and continually to develop ourselves.

6. We try to be the best KYK people who gain a respect and trust from society by being honest and fair achievement.






At KYK we have been devoting ourselves to be the top-notch company that is in the total health and wellness industry. We also have endeavored to build a healthy, happy and well balanced human society. KYK guarantees not only KYK member's future but also their own families' by conferring, continuing and transferring all benefits onto them. We care about our employees and their families as well. 






Our History

  • JUL, 2016KYK Co., LTD was selected to Asia Lohas approval company
  • JUN, 2016Attended Member of Economic Mission to France accompanying President Park Geun-Hye
  • MAY, 2016Attended Member of Economic Mission to Iran accompanying President Park Geun-Hye
  • APR, 2016Dr. Young Kwi, Kim was nominated as a global leader in South Korea, three years in a row
  • FEB, 2016Awarded Grand Prize Winner of the Fifth Korea Knowledge Management Society of Korea Awards
  • DEC, 2015Awarded Grand Prix Winner of 2015 International Inno Design Tech Expo-Technology Exhibition and Global Invention Show in Hong Kong
  • NOV, 2015Awarded Grand Prize Winner of 2015 Consumer Choice for three consecutive years
  • OCT, 2015Hot Seller of Korea chosen by Chinese Customers
  • MAY, 2015Dr. Young Kwi, Kim was nominated as 'the 2015 Global Leader of Korea', for two consecutive years
  • MAY, 2015Attended the 7th Daegu Gyeongbuk World Water Forum, Dr. Kim delivered the speech in 'Water Business Forum'
  • APR, 2015Appeared on 'Let’s drink healthy water' corner in 'Daily Morning Talk Show (Achim-Madang)' of KBS Daegu
  • MAR, 2015Got approval from MFDS on sales of HISHA (No. 15-297)
  • JAN, 2015Got approval from MFDS on sales of RE3 (No. 14-2865)
  • MAY, 2014The performance service for KYK customers
  • MAR, 2014Dr. Young Kwi, Kim was nominated as a global leader in South Korea
  • DEC, 2013KYK Co., LTD was awarded the exportation tower of 100million on the trade day
  • NOV, 2013KYK Co., LTD and its products has chosen and joined to The Korean Design Exhibition at Louvre Museum in France in 2013. KYK Co., LTD conducted a seminar about the healthy water in Russia. Dr. Young Kwi, Kim was awarded a gold medal of the world genius championships in Japan
  • AUG, 2013KYK Co., LTD has obtained the certification of innovational management (MAIN_BIZ) as a medium enterprise
  • JUL, 2013Dr. Young Kwi, Kim was awarded the second 大平 Nam JongHyun’s inventions and culture awards
  • FEB, 2013The world’s first success to invent the product ‘KYK Hot & Cold water ionizer‘
  • JAN, 2013KYK Co., LTD was awarded the most trusted brand for the third time for three years from the digital Joseon in South Korea
  • NOV, 2012The seminar with the business buyer in Saudi Arabia
  • OCT, 2012The seminar with the business buyer in Singapore
  • SEP, 2012Launching show and business seminar for new products in New York and LA in USA. KYK Co., LTD made an exclusive contract for exportation in the eastern area in USA
  • JUL, 2012Dr. Young Kwi, Kim was selected as a global CEO in South Korea for the second time for two years of 2011 and 2012. Awarded the grand prize of the satisfaction of quality selected by customers for the second time for two years. KYK healing center has opened. Certification from LOHAS. Got the certification of ‘The happy work place’ from Small and medium Business Corporation. Selected and received one hundred million won for design development from Korea Institute of Design Promotion
  • JUN, 2012Awarded a golden medal at international invention fair in Macao. Awarded the grand prize from Environment care international
  • MAY, 2012Established a branch company of KYK Co., LTD in New York in USA
  • APR, 2012Awarded the grand prize of the socially responsible company 2012
  • JAN, 2012Selected as the most trustable company elected by customers for the second time for two years 2011 and 2012
  • DEC, 2011KYK Co., LTD was nominated as a company that brought honor invented the popular products in 2011~2012
  • NOV, 2011Awarded a bronze medal at the patented invention in South Korea
  • OCT, 2011Chosen as a offset company 2011
  • SEP, 2011Awarded the global CEO 2011 in South Korea. Awarded the grand prize of the economic leader 2011 in South Korea. Nominated as a bright medium enterprise in Kyouggido in South Korea
  • JUL, 2011Forum for future communication about the water & health (If you want to be healthy, change your water and life habit)
  • JUN, 2011Awarded the best new technology 2011 for twice for two years. Awarded the grand prize of the satisfaction of quality selected by female customers. Nominated as a bright exportation medium enterprise in Kyouggido in South Korea
  • MAY, 2011Nominated as a man of merit of invention at the 46th of the invention day. Awarded the gold medal of international invention fair in Malaysia. Awarded the special prize in Russia
  • APR, 2011Nominated a company from E-Frontier in Kyounggido in South Korea
  • JAN, 2011Selected as the most trustable brand 2011 elected by customers
  • DEC, 2010Awarded the gold medal and special prize at 2010 Seoul international invention fair (SIIF). Awarded as the best company of having patent management of food environment in South Korea. Awarded the grand prize of the food environment invention. CE(Certificate of European standard quality) Medical device, home appliance: Generation II. FCC(USA Electromagnetic waves communication standard) Certificate: KYK50000
  • OCT, 2010Received Administrator’s venture business the grand prize. Awarded a gold medal at Korea and China Invention exhibition fair. Attended to The World Korean Business Convention. Presented a scholarship study and research with Korea Industrial Academy (the water has oxidative energy and the one with reductive energy)
  • SEP, 2010Awarded the grand prize of the respected figure of the year (Current events today)
  • JUN, 2010Awarded ‘The best new technology’ from Korean Standards Association. Awarded Reading culture prize: Writer CEO, Reader CEO. Sungnam city excellent exposition
  • MAY, 2010Kotra Seal of Excellence. Sungnam Medi-bio Plaza Exhibition
  • APR, 2010International air cleaning / Green environment business fair exhibition at COEX. Awarded a prize from Air Cleaning Industry Development by the chairman of air cleaning association. Awarded ‘The hidden champion’ as a hidden brand by INNOBIZ. Awarded a gold medal from the 38th international invention fair in Geneva in Switzerland
  • MAR, 2010Sungnam finding markets in the North America group
  • JAN, 2010NRTL certificate (quality certification in North America) : KYK50000
  • DEC, 2009Dr. Young Kwi, Kim was nominated 21Centrury Best Korean Award. CE (Certificate in Europe) : KYK50000. Electricity safety certificate in New Zealand C-Tick (KYK30000)
  • OCT, 2009Awarded the grand prize from The 1st Sungnam medium enterprises. Launched natural Phytoncide forest bathing devices: KYK1000, KYK2000
  • SEP, 2009Dr. Young Kwi, Kim was given reading culture award
  • JUN, 2009Selected as a hit products by The kukmin Ilbo
  • MAY, 2009Awarded the 44th Minister prize of The Ministry of Knowledge Economy. CE, NRTL Certificate (quality certification in North America): KYK25000, 30000. Received 『Gold Medals at Geneva int'l Invention』
  • APR, 2009Changed to KYK Co., LTD as a corporate name. Recommended as the best invention by Korea Invention Promotion Association
  • FEB, 2009Dr. Young Kwi, Kim has lectured about the healthy water at University of Ulsan
  • JAN, 2009Dr. Young Kwi, Kim was received 『Best People Award』
  • DEC, 2008Venture Business Certificate (No. 2008010955)
  • NOV, 2008wo gold medals and Special award in INEA. Second Grand prize, gold medal and special award in SIFT. INNOBIZ certificate (No.8061-2869)
  • OCT, 2008Dr. Young Kwi, Kim lectured the 280th cultural lecture for citizen at Jinju MBC. Live broadcast a lunching show on Lotte Home shopping. CE, FCC Certificate
  • AUG, 2008Awarded the sci-tech special prize from Russia invention association. International products academy (IGWT) symposium presented KYK Co., LTD. Dr. Young Kwi, Kim was broadcasted as an expert of water on [Live to You] show on Kyoungin TV OBS. Dr. Young Kwi, Kim lectured abut ‘how to have healthy life with the water’ at Bosingak Pavilion Rotary club
  • JUN, 2008Select as Frontier Business by the Kyounggi city internet trade. Selected as Good Design (No.3974): KYK25000, KYK30000. Selected as Promising Export-oriented Small and Medium Business (No.08Kyounggi-17)
  • APR, 2008Registered as a member of the Korean Trade Association (No.30620463)
  • FEB, 2008Broadcasted at the GS Home Shopping program with the result of 50% / Selected as the products that most customers choose for
  • JAN, 2008Attended CES2008(Las Vegas, USA) Fair. Korea LOHAS Certificate by Korean Standards Association
  • DEC, 2007Proved as the best product by Korea Standards Association(KSA)
  • OCT, 2007Attended High-Tech (CHTF2007) in Simsheon in China
  • FEB, 2007Proved as the best product by Korea Standards Association(KSA)
  • SEP, 2006Participated in the 2006 Seongnam excellent product expo. Received a license for a medical device, REPIA 7700 no. 06-707 and REPIA 8800 no. 06-707. Signed a clinical contract with the Chinese national hospital and started exportation. Opened a world's popular water shop in Shinsegye. Participated as a Middle East market explorer and supported by the government as a prospective company
  • JUL, 2006Received a license for a medical device, no.06-485
  • JUN, 2006Korea Electric Testing Institute, electrical products safety certificates. Awarded the grand prize of the best Korean products. Received a license for a medical device, no.05-813. Acquired the water quality mark from the water purifier association (KYK3388)
  • APR, 2006Selected as a hit product in 2006 by Kookmin Ilbo. Participated the 4th homehopping distribution expo
  • MAR, 2006Confirmed registration of KYK9040 at the US Food and Drug Administration
  • JAN, 2006Established the KYK science technology research center. Signed an exclusive exportation agreement in Japan. Opened a health cultural education center.
  • DEC, 2005Opened ionized water shop at a lotte department store in Bundang. Attended the government supported Safe product best company fair 2005
  • NOV, 2005Placed ‘the natural bedrock water fromJirisan’ on the market
  • OCT, 2005Attended the government supported Korea Electricity fair 2005. Received a license for a medical device, no.05-813. Awarded the grand prize of best management company with science technology
  • SEP, 2005GMP(Great Medical Product) quality management system certificate. Awarded the grand prize of the best science management company. Awarded the special prize by the Seoul Mayor Myoungbak Lee. Attended Central and South America Trade Promotion association as a the best company supported by the government
  • JUL, 2005Received a license for a new product by Medical Appliances Act, no.05-574 (KYK10000)
  • JUN, 2005Selected as a hit product 2005 by Kookmin Ilbo. Received a license for a medical device, no.2213
  • MAY, 2005Obtained the international stadnard organization, KS A 9001:2001. Obtained the international quality certificate, ISO 9001:2000. Obtained the international environment certificate, ISO 14001:2004. Selected as a good example of 2005 by the Korean Product Society (Mr. Kim Y. G gave a presentation. Selected as a company specializing in recycled water)
  • APR, 2005Obtained a certificate as a venture company with new technology(051627041100455). Director of good deeds giving society. Published the book titled as secrets of life water ‘know it, be healthy!’
  • JAN, 2005Registered FDA (No.3004956747) in USA (KYK9040)
  • DEC, 2004Established KYK Inc. Awarded appreciation plaque by good deed compliment Campaign Center. Launched new products KYK-7000, KYK-8000. Awarded the grand prized at Science and Engineering Fair by the ancient scientist Jang Yeong-sil Memorial Association. Presented the research study on 'The relationship with water and disease'
  • JAN, 2002Established High-Tec Medical
  • JAN, 1985Established Korea Water Science Center
  • JAN, 1980Established Daewon electricity