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The Excellent Quality lonization, KYK Generation II 


KYK G2 alkaline water ionizors offer cutting edge technology combined with the highest levels of service & support, at the most affordable price. Our systems offer more features, better performance &better benefits than any other company in the ionizer industry.
KYK is the answer for Smarter technology, Smarter features & Smarter value! 







 One touch buttons

The buttons for all settings work by just on touch 


The button discription 



Alkaline Water button & Function Configuration 


Acid Water Button & Function Configuration 

Purified Water Button & Function Configuration (+) 


Set Button that saves changes 


Clean button (-) 


On/OFF Button 



Specification, KYK Generation II 

 Product Name

 KYK Generation II - Medical Substance Producer


 KYK Generation II

 Manufacturing Company


The object of Product

 The production of alkaline and neutral water for drinking and acidic water for other uses.

Standard Voltage and Frequency

 AC 110V 50/60Hz

Electrical Consumption


Size and weight

 Size: 13.4 (W) x 13.4 (H) x 7.25 (D) (inches) 
Weight: 8.8 pounds

Composition and Water Supply Type

 Standing and a wall-mounted type, direct connection to tap water

Controlling Method

 Touch sensor

Available Temperature

 5°C ~ 30°C

Available Water Pressure


Electrolysis Method

 Continuous electrolysis (including flow sensor)

LCD Screen

 Displays pH and ORP levels, 7 colors, water flow rate per minute, ionization indicator, remaining filter life for dual filter system, auto-diagnosis indicators, water purification, and sound.


 Handling Capacity: 2-3 liter of alkali water/min, 1.5 liter of acidic water/ min

Electrolysis Ability

 4 levels of alkaline water, 4 levels of acidic water, 1 level neutral water

Electrolysis Cell

 7 Slotted Mesh platinum titanium plates

Electrode Sheet Wash

 Automatic washing (controlled by mycom)

 Message to indicate Filter Change

 LCD control screen indicates when each filter has 70 liters of filter life left.

 Filtering Material

 1st filter: Antibiotic one-side filter, Zeomic, Active Carbon (with silver added), Sediment filter
2nd Filter: Antibiotic one-side filter, Granular Activated Carbon, Active Carbon (with silver added)



What is Alkaline Water? 

Water is one of the vital elements of human being as same as air or food. Aquifers water or natural spring water contains plenty of soluble minerals, which means it is quite alkaline. 
When water is electrolyzed, mainly there are two types of water. The water formed by the cathode is called alkaline reducing water, and the other formed by anode is called acidic oxidized water. With innovation technology, the separation of water can be easily produced by an alkaline reducing water creator. Alkaline reducing water is rich in active hydrogen. Also it helps to increase the natural healing ability and vitality in human body, and to neutralize human body's unwanted acidic waste. That is why alkaline water ionizer is called as 'Water Science Division' that contributes to the overall health of human. 


"Alkaline Water is..." 


- The hexagonal water with great reducing capacity 

- The water that is quickly absorbed into the human body and rich in active hydrogen 

- The water that has smallest the water molecules (clusters) which is the best water 


70% water of human body 

About 70% of an average person's weight is WATER. More than 83% of blood, 75% of brain, 72% of skin, 90% of cell is consist of WATER. The water that you drink makes your blood, cells, and skin. Your health condition could depend on what kind of water you drink daily. The secret of long healthy life (longevity) could be the WATER. In order to stay alive, our blood and cells must always remain slightly alkaline. What happens when we have too much acid wastes? 

Well, the body does two things to stay alive. First, it can draw on the alkaline reserves stored in our body and the easiest would be to "steal" the calcium from our bones to neutralize the over-acid balance. 

Another way is for our internal buffering system to convert these acid wastes into solid wastes. You see, when these acid wastes are solidified, they can be parked away easily without affecting the pH of the rest of the body. These acid wastes can be stored in many places, including body fats. Increased fats production can be a result of increased acid waste demands for storage. So less acid wastes less fats needed! You are about to find out that it is not fats that make you fat, it is the acid! Drinking alkaline ionized water is the fastest and most efficient way to alkalize our body. We are meant to be alkaline on the inside of our bodies and that is the reason why our nutritionists and dietitians are nagging us to have "vegetables and fruits daily!" 


The approval of the medical effect by the FDA and JFDA 








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Korean FDA has approved the fact that the water produced by the KYK devices has the medical effect that helps relieving 4 gastrointestinal symptoms(no.13-1327) such as Abnormal fermentation in the intestines, Indigestion, Chronic diarrhea, and Excess acid in stomach. 




How to use Alkaline Water  




editorimg editorimg When you cook rice
First, wash it off gently with alkaline reduced water to remove dusts off. Let rick to soak the alkaline water for 10 minutes or up to 30 - 40 minutes before you start to cook rice. Do not throw the water away that you rinsed rice with. You can use it for cooking rice instead. Then rice will be nicely sticky and sweet.
The taste will last longer.
editorimg editorimg When you make coffee or tea
The alkaline water removes a bit bitter taste of coffee, and also it gives mild flavours for a puckery taste of tea. It enhances most kind of teas the nice and special flavours.
Try, and make your daily coffee better with the alkaline water.
editorimg editorimg When you start a nice day
It is a very good idea to drink one to two cups of the alkaline water before breakfasts in the morning, as well as having it before you go to sleep helps. When ionized water is consumed, the cellular water environment improves within the human body in the same way. This leads to better health and overall well-being. Drinking alkaline water rejuvenates us daily.
editorimg editorimg When you cook various cuisines
It is pretty ideal to use the alkaline water to cook some seafood such as a fish dish. It will remove bad fishy smell and enhances the taste. Also alkaline water works really well with flour for making flour dough. It will remove bad odors away from a dish and make mixed dough nicely sticky and sweet. In addition, it helps to preserve it longer.
editorimg editorimg When you wash vegetables or fruits
Use the alkaline reduced water to wash off vegetable or fruits before storing them. It is a very good way to removes agricultural pesticides on them.
Plus, vegetable and fruits will remain nice and fresh longer in your fridge.
editorimg editorimg When you drink alcohole, or after when you have a hangover
Make some cocktails with the alkaline reduced water. The hexagonal structure of the alkaline water will give it soft taste and great flavours.

Also the alkaline water is quite good for a bad hangover. It helps to decompose alcohol in your body.



How to use Acidic Water  




editorimg editorimg For bathing or washing your face
If you wash your face with the acidic water, it will make your skin soft and resilient. After wahing your hair with soaps, try to rinse it with acidic water. It will neutralize alkaline properties and make your hair shiny.
editorimg editorimg For washing utensils and a chopping board
The acidic water has an effect of sterilization of dishes, bad odor removal, and whitening dinnerware. It also removes pollutants and kills most of the invisible germs. Let your chopping board to soak the acidic water, and leave some clothes or knifes in the acidic water once a week for 20 to 30 minutes to keep the kitchen environment clean.
editorimg editorimg For mouth wash and saving
Use strong level of the acidic water for excellent sterilization for your mouth wash every day. It helps to maintain your teeth healthy and sterilized.
Plus, it also can be used as moisturizer for your skin after shaving.
editorimg editorimg To have sterilization effect
The acidic water has an excellent effect of sterilization. It removes itches for insects bites on your skin and sterilizes them. The acid water is effective for burn injuries as well as heat rashes, and eczema, in terms of blood stoppig, sterilziation and recovery. Expose your scars to the acidic water or spray it to scars to obtain a good result. Soak gauze in the strong level of acidic water and spray warm liquids.
editorimg editorimg For flower decoration
Dilute the acidic water with the twice of the volume, and then apply the water to the cutted bits of flowers.
Let flowers to soak the acidic water, and they will last long nice and fresh.
editorimg editorimg For cooking
Try to use the acidic water, when you boil noodles, spaghetti, or pasta. Your dishes will be more fresh and tasty, and noodle stripes could have a chewy texture.
editorimg editorimg For bathing your pet
The acidic water is perfectly good for bathing your pet. Use the water to brush off your pet's hair. Then their hair would not be falling out easily but remaining beautifully polished. In addition, you can remove the some kind of smell from your pets by bathing them with the acidic water.
editorimg editorimg For athlete's foot and hemorrhoids
For your athlete,s foot, it is really helpful to let them to soak the 38 degrees acidic water for twenty minutes once a day. The strong sterilization effect of the acidic water will kill all the germs of your feet. For hemorrhoids, wash off the infected area with acidic water two or three times a day and apply warm liquids to it.







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KYK Generation II

KYK Generation II